IMG_1891Brian K. Sain is the President of SAIN DEFENSE LLC. He is a 26 year veteran law enforcement sniper/sniper team leader/sniper instructor with both municipal and county agencies. He is on the Executive Board of the American Sniper Association, Advisory Board of the National Patrol Rifle Conference and is an honorary member of the United States Marine Corps Scout/Sniper Association. He served for two years as COO of Black Hills Ammunition in Rapid City, SD before moving back to his beloved Texas. He is an NRA certified law enforcement and civilian firearms instructor and has instructed for Snipercraft Inc., McMillan, Crosshairs Inc., Centermass Inc. as well as the Houston area office of the FBI. He is currently an adjunct instructor for White Feather Shooting and occasionally also for Snipercraft, Inc. He is the founding director of AmericanSnipers.org, a non-profit organization which has supported the equipment needs of over 1300 sniper platoons in the US military since 9/11. As such, he has an unrivaled network base of operational sniper experience to draw from, as well as the entire industry who supports them. AmericanSnipers.org was awarded the 2007 Carlos N. Hathcock II Award by the National Defense Industrial Association.  He holds a Master Peace Officer Certification and is currently assigned as a full time Peace Officer in Texas.

His certifications, credentials and professional memberships are available on a need to know basis.