Why are your products so expensive?

Our customers, their missions, training, competitions and hunts are demanding. Their lives often depend on the gear they use. To that end, SAIN DEFENSE is dedicated to making the best American products money can buy. The materials, time, labor, quality control and customer service required to do so are reflected in the price.

Are your products Made In USA?

All products are proudly Made In USA by highly reputable American manufacturers who are used to MILSPEC/QC oversight procedures.

Will there be a 6mm/6.5mm version offered with the bore riders?

The 7.62 rod (and soon to be offered .338 and .50 cal. rod) are currently the only rods offered with bore riders. The diameter of a 6.5/6mm bore limits the diameter and strength of the rod itself and we will not compromise here. NOTE: The 5.56 rod works perfectly in a 6.5/6mm bore with normal cleaning rod protocols (bore guide).

Why doesn't the 5.56 rods have bore riders?

The 5.56 rod does not have the bore riders as the small OD of the 5.56 bore (.223) limits the strength of the rod itself. The 5.56 rod, is still however, a high quality and very strong cleaning rod. The joints are precision machined to be imperceptible and the rod handle interface works the same regardless of caliber.

Will this replace my traditional cleaning rod?

The SAIN (Sniper And Infantry) cleaning rod was designed as a field cleaning system for combat infantrymen and hunters in remote regions of the world. We suspect that most will choose to use their one-piece rods for base, home, range or shop use. However, due to the strength and high quality of the SAIN product it COULD replace any cleaning rod if chosen to do so.

Why invest in the SAIN cleaning rod when I could purchase a bore snake or cable system?

Bore snakes and cable systems have their place and work well for what they were designed to do. However, they will NOT clear a critical bore obstruction. A critical bore obstruction is usually caused from one of the following: mud in the end of your barrel, a squib load or subsonic cartridge loaded too light, a bullet seated too long, a swollen case in a hot chamber, a bore brush or patch the user changed direction on mid-bore. All of these require a cleaning ROD to clear. A bore snake or cable will not solve these issues. Sometimes it requires FORCE to get the job done. Job one is to get the rifle up and running. Job two is to accomplish this WITHOUT damaging an expensive rifle. In addition to general maintenance, the SAIN cleaning rod was designed for this specific circumstance in combat or remote hunting environments. Having the proper equipment can save your life, mission or hunt.

Do I have to buy the entire system?

No. Pouches, rod pages and individual metal components can be purchased separately as desired or if pieces are lost or damaged.

What bore accessories work with the SAIN cleaning rod?

The SAIN cleaning rod was designed to work with commercial off the shelf (COTS) cleaning equipment that can be found at most retail stores that sell sporting goods and online catalogs such as Brownell’s or Midway USA. The rods are designed to utilize standard 8-32 male thread brushes and cleaning jags. Adapters may be purchased from Brownell’s or Midway USA to accommodate 8-36 Military accessories or accessories from other companies not utilizing 8-32 threads. Adapters are prone to loss so the SAIN rods were designed to forego them.

There is an empty rod space in my kit. Is a rod section missing?

No. The standard 7.62 system comes with 5 rod sections and an end piece for bore attachments. The space allows an extra space for an additional rod section (for longer barreled rifles) and also serves to differentiate the rod sections from the bore piece.